SmartOne Marine
Satellite-Managed Asset-Ready Tracker Designed to perform in the robust marine conditions

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  • SmartOne Marine
  • smartone marine
  • Dome shape antenna(for marine use)
    Location information transmission maximum interval is 5 minutes.
    Motion sensor included
    Message transmission interval can be configured differently when asset is In motion / Without motion.
    DC 12-32V power input
    SOS, Check-in switch box can be added(Additional option)
    SmartOne Marine Tracker including
    Main Tracking Terminal with GPS/SAT Antenna
    Power/Sensor Cable 7 Meter (2 sensor)
    Motion sensor inside
    GPS Accuracy 2.4 Meter, IP x7
    Stainless Antenna Pole and Steel band(2EA)
Satellite Vessel Control System Diagram
SIMPLEX - Vessel Monitoring System
General Situation Room - images
  • Operating Specifications
Dimensions 15cm(W) X 31.6cm(H) X 15cm(D)
Weight Power/Sensor Cable 7m (2 Sensors)
Operating Temperature --30℃ ~ +60℃ Note: The unit shall remain operational over the -40℃ ~ +85℃ range, though may experience battery life and RF signal degradation
Line power DC 12-32V or Lithium Battery
Standards SAE J455 MIL STD 810
NEMA 4X / IP68
RoHS Compliant
Satellite Technology Global LEO Satellite operation using the Globalstar Simplex Data Network
Accessories USB Configuration Cable
Junction Box (SOS, Check-in Button)
  • Switch Box Accessories
Product Item Description
SOS/CHECK-IN Junction Box SOS/CHECK-IN Junction Box
External Line Power Cable External Line Power Cable Power cable for SmartOne LP (Length 2 Meter)
USB Configuration Cable USB cable for SmartOne Configuration
(USB to Serial converter, 1Meter)
USB Configuration Cable For SmartOne Marine USB Configuration Cable For SmartOne Marine USB cable for SmartOne Configuration
(USB to Serial converter, AC/DC Adaptor, 1Meter)
Stainless Band Stainless Band