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Whether you run a charter company, fly a private jet, or manage a flight school, track when your aircrafts take-off, land and everything in between.

AnyTrack Solutions based on satellite communication products help you ensure the safety of passengers, track flight paths and provide the peace of mind of constant communication.

Safety and connectivity
Use GPS location data and periodic check-ins to detect emergencies and guide rescue operations timely and accurately
Ensure pilot and passenger safety by tracking flight paths, sending real-time weather updates and alerts when the pilot if flying off-course
Track the location of critical freight and provide arrival estimates
Text message even when in the air
Pinpoint the location of multiple aircrafts anytime, anywhere
Track engine time, block time and flight times quickly and easily
Keep electronic records of pilot/flying lesson activities, flight paths, past trips and flight hours
Enable support personnel to schedule ground services efficiently with real time flight movement data and automatic pre-landing alerts
Revenue generator
Offer replay services as teaching aids
Track student flight hours and progress
Log aircraft maintenance services and send reminders before scheduled maintenance