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Wherever your vehicles are, AnyTrack can help ensure vehicle security and keep you informed of their operational status and location.

AnyTrack Solutions based on diverse satellite communication products provide vehicle tracking, telemetry, and constant communication – and are critical in the fleet management of long-haul carriers and when transporting valuable and hazardous materials.

Logistics and revenue
Provide arrival time estimates and proof of delivery to customers and support just-in-time logistics
Driver monitoring and operational efficiency
Use GPS information to detect unauthorized use of company vehicles
Use fuel sensors to track and reduce fuel consumption
Tap into vehicle telemetry to monitor vehicle health and driver behaviour such as speeding and harsh braking
Security of people and vehicles
Monitor container doors to detect theft and ensure cargo is secure from origin to destination
Remotely control electrical, pneumatic and fuel systems of vehicles in the event of a theft and use GPS location information to track a stolen vehicle’s position
Install panic buttons for emergency notification
Detect and react when GPS and GSM signal jammers are being used to prevent hijacking